Jack has a wealth of experience in organising events and exhibitions for indoor and outdoor venues. He has provided event planning and management for numerous locations including city centres, exhibition centres, business premises, hotels, showgrounds and even a quarry! Jack can also help organise all the marketing for any event, large or small. Indeed, indoor event marketing or outdoor event marketing are both areas where Jack has lots of expertise.

No matter where an event is situated, Saward Marketing & Events will ensure that the event runs smoothly and successfully. Holding an event at an outdoor venue can be tricky considering the unpredictability of the weather. However, Jack is well used to handling outdoor events no matter what the weather throws at him. He can also arrange all the outdoor event marketing which may be required.

Bespoke stand/facility constructions are created to individual specifications whether the stand is to provide advice, public training, celebration or for promotional purposes.Jack can ensure top quality indoor event marketing is provided for events in exhibition centres, hotels or other indoor venues. 

The event management experience Jack has means all aspects from stand delivery and installation, right through to post event dismantling and return are covered. To ensure all aspects of your event are managed efficiently all accessories required for a successful event are available from Saward Marketing & Events, including:

  • Stand Construction (System/Traditional)
  • Roadshow Unit
  • ShowTent  / ShowStructure
  • Furniture
  • Floral Displays
  • Posts and Chains/ Fencing
  • Graphics/Flags/ Banners
  • Hospitality Items
  • Promotional and Hospitality Staff.

Jack sets high standards of professional service, which ensures that any event or exhibition organised is a resounding success. From top class stand construction and fitting out right through to the provision of quality indoor or outdoor event marketing you can trust Jack Saward to ensure that your event goes with a swing.