Meet the Visionary Behind Saward Marketing and Events: Jack Saward


As the Director of Saward Marketing and Events, Jack Saward is a true luminary in the realms of PR, Trade Fairs, and Events Industries. With a profound understanding of how businesses must continually adapt within the ever-evolving landscape of markets and media, Jack's expertise is your key to success.


Drawing from his extensive background in both the public and private sectors, Jack ensures that our clients receive the finest and most relevant exposure tailored to their target markets. His journey in the industry commenced even before he turned 16 – a testament to his enduring commitment. Over the years, he has been involved in projects spanning the UK, Europe, North America, China, and Africa, allowing him to cultivate a global perspective and an extensive network of contacts, ranging from intimate settings to grand stages.


One of Jack's distinguishing qualities is his mastery of 'face-to-face' communication. His unwavering focus has always been to empower the entire team to intimately comprehend our customers' desires and to devise pragmatic solutions that align seamlessly with budget constraints.


When you meet Jack, you may hear him refer to the term 'professional cuddle' or 'customer cuddle.' It's not about physical embraces; it's about delivering the same comfort and reassurance that a warm hug provides. Jack's mission is to extend this sense of security to all our customers within the professional environment in which we operate.


With Jack Saward at the helm, you can trust that Saward Marketing and Events will go above and beyond to make your Exhibition and Event endeavours a resounding success. Welcome to a world where expertise meets empathy, and where your aspirations are nurtured with care and dedication.